Why it is worth cooperating with us ?

Experienced team

consisting of IT, eCommerce, and marketing specialists. Proof of our professionalism is a range of projects carried out as part of INIS and Digitree Group. Our roots are in email marketing, although we provide it with a new form and bravely combine it with other channels, making it even more effective .

Simplicity of service

A premise which has accompanied us throughout the process of creating this project was the simplicity of its use, all the while offering functionality, significantly facilitating sales in eCommerce. All this is to be available without programming knowledge and without creation of complicated scenarios. Retargeting can be simple .

Accounts settled for effects

Transparency in charging for operations is just as significant for us as their simplicity. That is why we are moving away from a package price list, well known from tools such as SaaS. If you do not use the tool you simply do not pay .

They trust us

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