Jak wygląda ścieżka konwersji u mnie i w branży?

What is the conversion path in my store in comparison to the industry?

Learn statistics relating to the number of steps which a consumer takes on average prior to purchase, both in your store and in eCommerce stores which sell similar products. This information may enable you to improve user flow on your website and to design a friendly customer journey, supportive of conversion. .

Jakie są trendy ruchu w ecommerce?

What are the traffic trends in eCommerce?

Learn about whether a sudden increase or loss of traffic, which you experience, is something which you should be concerned about or perhaps they are just a matter of seasonality or a global trend rise/fall. With the possibility of relating to other eCommerce stores you will gain insight which you would not get even from Google Analytics .

Kiedy moja promocja jest najskuteczniejsza?

When is my promotion most effective?

Learn which days of the week are the most popular time for visiting your store and how this data relates to your industry, as well as general statistics for all eCommerce. You will also learn the activity trends of your customers and their preferences in reacting to your retargeting communication .

Gdzie drzemie potencjał do wzrostu?

Where does the growth potential lie?

The available statistics will enable you to find the areas where you can develop your marketing activity, and in consequence, also sales. You will learn whether your store draws in the appropriate number of users with the right purchase potential, as well as whether you are effectively taking advantage of sales opportunities .

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