Email retargeting

Email Retargeting

An effective tool for recovering abandoned shopping carts and for increasing sales through complementary sales of recommended products which may interest your customers. Furthermore, you can send your customers an email with a recommendation of previously viewed products even if they did not leave their email address in your database. Through this:

  • you will reach anonymous users
  • you will sell more by personalizing the communication
  • you will reach users at varies stages of the purchase path
  • you will sell additional complementary products
  • you will recover abandoned carts
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Ecommerce insights

eCommerce Insights

With our solution you gain answers to questions which concern every eCommerce manager:

  • How long is the conversion path in my store in comparison to the industry?
  • When does my promotional activity bring the greatest effects?
  • How does my store traffic stand in comparison to that of the competition?

Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your activity on the basis of industry statistics. Gain awareness about customer activity and translate it to the reaching your customers with advertising communication in the best possible manner.
If you require help with interpreting the data, as well as advice on which activities to implement, you will find these in the client panel.

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