Revhunter gives you a range of benefits

Revhunter gives you a range of benefits

Accounts are calculated on a CPC model

The CPC (cost-per-click) accounting model enables accounts to be calculated for effectively executed operations – clicking on a link redirecting to the target website. The rate is dependent on such variables as traffic volume or industry. We are flexible and adapt the offer to the specifics of the Client's business. We will define an individual rate for your store after integrating it with our tool.

Rozliczenia w modelu CPS

Accounts calculated on a CPS model

For our Premium Partners, platforms which are fully integrated with our tool, we also offer the first month of accounting in the CPS (cost-per-sale) model. After 30 days from launching the first campaign we determine whether it is possible to continue billing for sales, or when the number of concluded transactions does not allow it, we offer switching to the CPC or a hybrid model. Cost-per-sale accounts are possible for owners of stores which are based on the following engines:

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