By using the Revhunter tool the user undertakes to use it in accordance with the Anti-spam Policy.

The Company does not authorize and does not allow the use of their tool and software to send emails with content unsolicited by the receiver.

If you are wondering why you received an email with an offer of a website or store which you had visited, we will try to explain this below.

When using email retargeting the following rules must be followed:

  • Every user of the Revhunter tool is obligated to use it in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services.
  • Send information and messages associated with the interests of the receiver. Do not include information not related to your offer and company profile. Detailed guidelines describing forbidden content are included in §7 of the Service Rules
  • In "Sender name" and "Sender address" always include the company data, as to allow proper identification by the email addressee.
  • INIS sp. z o.o. stipulates that upon receipt of reports of users sending out unsolicited content it can counteract such activity by refusing the execution of some or all campaigns, blocking the account and terminating the agreement with a user who failed to abide by the regulations, and informing relevant institutions about the user committing violation or criminal offence.

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