What does the following document relate to?

Dear user, The following description relates to the technology and function of the Revhunter tool. If you are wondering why you have received an email with the offer of a store you had visited, we will try to explain this here.

The owner of the tool and personal information administrator is INIS sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Rybnik, at 35a Raciborska street, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000366948 by the District Court in Gliwice 10th Economic Department of the National Court Register, NIP: 642-31-28-785, with a share capital of PLN 264.500. The INIS sp. z o.o. Privacy Policy is available here -> Privacy Policy

What is Revhunter?

Revhunter is a tool which enables the creation of offers and recommendation of our clients' products (advertisers) suited to your interests and online activity. Our objective is to allow the delivery of offers of those products and services which you are interested in, without sending our spam messages or messages not associated with your preferences.

Offers are delivered by our partners (publishers) whose bases contain your personal information. Information about the site you had visited using the Revhunter tool should be included in the privacy policy or cookies policy on that site.

What do I gain thanks to Revhunter?

Thanks to Revhunter you will receive personalized advertising for products and services which are in accordance with your interests and your online activity. Revhunter will allow you to receive information about discounts, promotions, or offers prepared especially for you. You will not have to lose time on searching for things you are interested in as you will receive these directly to your inbox. Through Revhunter you will not receive offers for products or services which are not suited to the preferences you present online.

Does Revhunter know who I am?

The only information which we have about you is coded and related to your activity on websites which use Revhunter, as well as a cookie ID number assigned to this information.

Why and how did I receive an email with the offer a website I had visited?

If you received an email, it is because we have provided our partner (publisher), who is both the administrator of your personal information and uses the Revhunter tool, with information (noted in a coded cookie file) on the basis of which the publisher (only the publisher) determined that your data in present in their database, hence having the possibility of sending you an email with a personalized offer.

The entity who sends you emails, as well as being the administrator of your personal information, is our partner (publisher) whose identity is indicated in the footnote of the email you received. To receive detailed information about the processing of your personal information by the partner you received the email from, you must contact them using the contact details included in the email.

How does Revhunter collect information about me and how is that information used?

To prepare an offer of products and services you are interested in, Revhunter uses coded cookie files. Revhunter only saves information in cookie files about websites you had visited or about the steps you took on these sites (e.g., adding a product to your cart).

What are cookie files?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer in order to, among other things, register and monitor activities on a website.

Detailed information about cookies used on this site, www.revhunter.pl, are available in §6 of the Privacy Policy.

Data security

The security of your personal information is a priority for us, which is why we have implemented adequate organizational and technical means. We process data in a pseudonymized and coded form.

Data storage

Coded data collected by means of Revhunter, such as data relating to your online activity, on the basis of which you received a personalized offer is stores for no longer than 30 days from the moment of acquisition.

How can I terminate receiving offers from the Revhunter service?

If you do not want to receive offers suited to your preferences, you can erase cookie files using the functionality of your web browser or by clicking on this link https://app.revhunter.tech/unsubscribe.

Remember that the disabling function is also based on cookie files. If they are completely deleted from your browser, we will not have any information of you having disabled them.

Also remember that subsequent visits to a site with active Revhunter, acceptance of this site using cookies (e.g., as part of the privacy policy of such a site) may cause that the Revhunter tool will again be activated.

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